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Overland Training - 2 Day Course

This is an introductory course to overlanding and 4x4/AWD skills and vehicle recovery for non-experienced and experienced folks alike. These courses can also be included as part of our custom built adventures.

Because I keep the classes small I can generally tailor the training to the level of the group, but don't worry, if you are new to overlanding and in a mixed group, you won't be "left behind", and folks who are more advanced can always benefit from a little practice with the basics. I treat these classes as a "team-in-training". This comes from my years as a leader and trainer in Search and Rescue from -100ft to +10,000ft (yes, you read that correctly). I believe that team work should be standard practice any time you are on the trail with more than one vehicle. This is both safer for the training group and also helps keep all parties interested and more involved during our training and when planning your next overlanding adventure.

Day 1 - Includes an intro to map and compass navigation, then we'll move into understanding your 4x4/AWD and how to overcome basic obstacles and then finish with a trail drive to get you comfortable with the basics. That night we'll spend time talking about overland cooking and camping, telling stories and getting more acquainted with our team.

Day 2 - We'll get into more detail on daily overland practices and add any details we missed on day 1. We will demonstrate safe winching/towing (and high lift jack use for the 4x4 training). We will finish the weekend with a challenging trail drive. All while camping in and enjoying the amazing scenery around us.



Professional 4x4/AWD guidance and training, overland camping tips n' tricks, a warm campfire at night, and strong French press coffee in the morning.



  1. Drive your own 4x4 vehicle (10 inches of ground clearance, low range transfer-case and minimum 31 inch "All Terrain" or "Mud Terrain" tires required).

  2. Drive your own AWD vehicle ie: Subaru, Rav 4, Sprinter, etc. (Minimum of 8 inches of ground clearance and good quality mud/snow rated tires and a FULL SIZE spare, the little "donut" style spare will not get you home when you are WAY out there).

  3. Rental options available (I have discount codes for you depending on style of vehicle you want to rent).


For this training you must provide:

Your own meals, tent, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, camp clothes, a warm clothing for the evening, sturdy shoes for hiking, a headlamp, a thirst for knowledge and a good community attitude.

2023 Dates:

Overland 4x4 Training Mojave NP

June 17 - 18 (Fathers Day Weekend)

Sept. 16-17 (Private)

Nov. 9 - 10 (Women only)

Nov. 11th - 12th (Veterans Day Weekend, 10% discount for veterans:)

AWD Training Mojave NP

Nov. 4 - 5 Weekend

2 day training Prices:

$950 per person 16yrs. and over.

$250 for children under 16yrs.

(max. is 8 people, 5 vehicles, unless it is a private group)

No Children under 10, unless it is a private group.

Call: 510.912.8618 or


to schedule your next adventure.

Accepted forms of payment are Zelle, Venmo and Paypal - Please Contact me before purchasing

Once you have booked your adventure or training you will receive an email with an itinerary, waiver and gear/vehicle check list.

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