If the calendared trips below don't fit your schedule contact me and I can design one that fits your needs. 

Calendar Details

Weekend Overland Training-

These are two-day classes with a maximum class size of 6 people and 4 vehicles so that you get a very one-on-one type of training with a minimum of vehicles on the trail.

All-Inclusive Overland Adventures- 

These are guided overland adventures with a personal chef, meals, and everything else but a vehicle provided for you. These trips have minimal training and are more about getting out into the backcountry without all of the hassles of logistics, bringing camp gear, planning meals or cooking.

Guided Overland Adventures- 

These trips are "Guide Only" and are geared more towards overland training. Guests provide their own camping gear and vehicles and I provide French Press coffee in the morning and a fire at night.

Icons of the West Overland Adventure-

This is a 3-10 day "Guide Only" overland adventure combining our Mono Lake, Death Valley, and Grand Canyon adventures into one grand Overland experience. The beauty of this adventure is that you can sign up for the initial 3 days of Mono Lake and then pay per day after that, so if you only want to go for 5 or 7 days, no problem:)

Adventure Dates- 

Death Valley All-Inclusive Overland Adventures -

March 31-Apr 3 

Nov. 20th-23rd

Death Valley Guided Overland Adventures -

Sept. 19th-22nd (this one leads right into Overland Expo and is a great way to figure out what you might need for your Overlanding rig) 

Oct. 18-21 This one is part of Icons of the West Expedition and so you must sign up for the Mono Lake portion in order to join this one.

Grand Canyon Guided Adventures -

Sept. 27-29, this one leaves from Flagstaff, AZ. right after overland expo and will have some bonus locations included:)

Oct. 23rd-25th, This one is the final leg of the Icons of the West Expedition and so you must sign up for the Mono Lake and Death Valley legs in order to join this one.

Mono Lake All-Inclusive Overland Adventures -

April 16th-18th 

April 30th- May 2nd

Mono Lake Guided Adventure -

Oct. 15th-17th (this one can be combined with Death Valley and Grand Canyon for a total of 10 days of Overlanding)

The Lost Coast All-Inclusive Overland Adventure -


Overlanding To/From Overland Expo -

Death Valley and the Grand Canyon (these are trips you can sign up for separately)

Sept. 19th-22nd meets in Big Pine and goes through Death Valley then Overland Expo (which is the 23rd through the 26th). We will then leave from the Expo on the 27th for an Overland Adventure around the North Rim of the Grand Canyon finishing on the 29th.