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Please contact me if you are interested in tours or training for dates that do not correspond with the dates listed below.


Baja, Mexico With Legends Overlanding

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Events that I'll be attending (check back for updates or sign up for my newsletter;)

Overland Expo West - May 17th - 19th

North West Overland Rally - June 20th - 23rd

Overland Expo PNW - June 28th - 30th

Black Rock Desert Tours

Oct. All-Inclusive Tour

Oct. Guide-Only Tour


Death Valley Tours

Nov. 13th - 17th (5 days)

March 18th - 22nd (5 days)

April 10th - 14th (5 days)

Grand Parashant National Monument/Grand Canyon

Going to Overland Expo? Check out these dates for the North Rim both before and after OE:)

May 13-16 (leads to Overland Expo)

May 20-23 (leaves from Overland Expo)

Mojave National Preserve

March and April tours

Sept. - Nov.

Mono Lake Tour

Summer Guided tours and an Oct. 14th - 18th All-Inclusive tour.

Overland Training

Nov. - Veterans Day Weekend


Photography Adventures

Death Valley and the Black Rock Desert

Calendar Details

Weekend Overland Training-

These are two-day classes with a maximum class size of 8 people and 5 vehicles so that you get a very one-on-one type of training with a minimum of vehicles on the trail.

All-Inclusive Overland Adventures- 

These are guided overland adventures with a personal chef, meals, and everything else but a vehicle provided for you. These trips are about getting out into the backcountry without all of the hassles of logistics, packing camp gear, planning meals or cooking.

Guided Overland Adventures- 

These are "Guide Only" and are geared more towards overland training. Guests provide their own camping gear and vehicles and I provide French Press coffee in the morning and a fire at night along with overland training during the adventure.

Death Valley All-Inclusive Adventures -

Grand Canyon Guided Adventure -

Black Rock Desert All-Inclusive Adventures -

Mojave Desert Guided Adventures - 

Mono Lake All-Inclusive Adventures -

Overland Training

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