Weekend Overland Trainings - April 17-18, May 15th-16th and 22nd-23rd, June 12-13, July 17-18,  Aug. 14th-15th

Death Valley with Pacific Overlander - March 12-16 (Dark Skies Photography with Andy Best), March 18-22

Death Valley All-Inclusive Guided Adventures - March 31-Apr 3, Oct. 2nd-5th, Nov. 20th-23rd

Death Valley Guided Adventures - Sept. 19th-22nd (this one leads right into Overland Expo and is a great way to figure out what you might need for your overlanding rig), Oct. 20th-23rd (this one can be combined with Grand Canyon Guided Adventure Oct. 24th-26th)

Grand Canyon with Pacific Overlander - May 27-31, June 25-29

Grand Canyon Guided Adventures - Sept. 25th-27th, Oct. 23rd-25th

Mono Lake All-Inclusive Guided Adventures - April 16th-18th, April 30th- May 2nd, Sept. 17th-19th

Mono Lake Guided Adventure - Oct. 16th-18th (this one can be combined with Death Valley and Grand Canyon for a total of 10 days of overlanding)

The Lost Coast All-Inclusive Guided Adventure - July 26th-28th, Aug. 2nd-4th, Aug. 9th-11th

Overlanding To Overland Expo - Sept. 19th-22nd then Overland Expo is the 23rd through the 25th. We will leave from the Expo on the 25th for an Overland drive around the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.