Tepui designs and builds premium roof top soft and hard shell tents, gear bags and a variety of other Overlanding essential products.

Discount codes available, just ask me:)

CBI Offroad Fabrication makes high quality and easy to install products for Toyota, Jeep and others. I mounted my rear bumper and swing out while camping in the desert, no problem!

Hard Korr Lighting makes and sells a variety of Overlanding and 4x4 essential lighting including IP69 rated 4x4 road/rock lighting as well as a variety of great camping lights with a huge amount of options from remote controls to color and brightness adjustments not to mention a variety of size and mounting options and a 5yr warranty on their IP69 rated products!

Discount codes available, just ask me:)

When I ran across the Deadman Earth Anchor at Overland Expo a few years ago my jaw dropped, I had been looking for something like this for over 20 years! The versatility, light weight and strength of this tool makes it a "no Brainer" to carry in your recovery kit or strapped to your rig in the "Body Bag" (an appropriately named storage bag they sell for it). Good folks with a solid product!

Factor 55

As a former Hard Hat diver and Dive EMT I can tell you I've seen my share of heavy lift equipment failures, lets just say a lot can go wrong very quickly when using a winch improperly. When I found Factor 55's closed system high quality tested gear then I knew I had one less thing to worry about when doing a recovery. These guys make equipment that has been tested to out pull your vehicle by a long shot and with the safety of a "closed" recovery system then you can recover your vehicle and keep on moving down the trail instead of heading to the hospital!

Want to try Overlanding but you don't have a 4x4 vehicle? Flying in from out of town and want to do some outback camping? Then check out Pacific Overlander, they have some very nice vehicles all "kitted out" for you to rent, And if you sign up for one of our trips they'll give you 10% off your rental!

I've been using a Snowmaster Expedition Series (dual bin) fridge for over 2yrs during multiple trips in the heat of the western deserts to the famously rugged Rubicon Trial and the fridge has held up and kept our beverages and meal ingredients cold and ice cream treats frozen! Try a Snowmaster fridge and I believe you'll be very happy!

Squatchboxx Coolers

Great coolers and beverage containers at a reasonable price, but don't assume they are half the quality, I've used and abused their products and they continue to keep things COLD!

Step 22 Gear makes and sells a variety of overlanding/4x4 essential gear including Jack Covers, recovery straps and ropes, Skottles, gear bags and some fun patches too! (Need any muffler bearing grease;)

Dobinsons makes and sells suspension parts, bumpers and other gear for a variety of vehicles and applications.

Rhino Adventure Gear is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier overland equipment outfitter. Based in Richmond, CA, Rhino Adventure Gear offers a curated collection of the best overland and backcountry camping gear on the market. From Roof Top Tents to Off Road Recovery Equipment, Skottle Kits, Portable Solar Panels and Camp Kitchen Solutions, we have the brands and accessories you need to have a comfortable and safe camping experience where ever your adventures take you.

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