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To be clear, these are all companies that sponsor me, however, I wouldn't be using their gear if it wasn't well designed and didn't hold up to my continual abuse. Please feel free to ask me questions and do please check out their gear, it's really good stuff!


CBI makes some great products and I've been using and abusing them for many years now! Their bumpers (and skid plates) have literally "saved my butt" more than a few times and have added a huge amount of durability and capability to my 4runner.

For a 5% discount use the following link:


When I saw this product at Overland Expo many years ago it was an epiphany! For years I had refused to use any of the land anchors availble on the market because they had limited uses, weighed "a ton" and were hard to store. The Deadman earth anchor has multiple uses, is lightweight, and easy to store and so I bring it along on most of my adventures.


These folks have been around for awhile and they know suspensions! Each of my vehicles has a custom built suspension for exactly what I need. They keep my ride both comfortable and flexible for highway and offroad driving, very important for an overlander since your vehicle spends most of it's time on the highway but needs the flexibility and toughness to handle the rubicon trail;)


Everyone knows that when it comes to "closed system" recovery gear there is no better quality than Factor55. I use and trust this gear not only for my trucks but my and everyone else's safety.

Falken Tires
Falken logo.png

I've put thier tires (both MT and AT) through a variety of abuse from the washboard roads and sharp rocks of Death Valley to the boulders and granite slabs of the High Sierra. The Falken AT3W gets top marks as an all-around AT tire and especially high marks for snowy and wet climates.

Fireside Outdoor Transparent Logo-01.fw.png
Fireside Outdoor - Firepits

I found these folks at an outdoor fishing/hunting expo after searching for years to find a lightweight yet full size firepit that didn't require a winch to load it into the truck. These are 8lbs, have a variety of accessories and burn full size logs down to ash for easy clean-up, I love'em!

HardKorr Lighting

From tiny headlamps to multi color camp lights to mega output offroad lights these folks have you covered for all your lighting needs! I've installed a variety of thier lights into my vehicles with simple to install wiring, remote and manual switches and a variety color output options.

Midland Radio

Handhelds to HAMs, we use Midland radios on every trip and they get tossed around, dropped in the dirt and generally abused and yet they keep working, not to mention that the best way to keep those long days behind the wheel fun and safe is to be able to easily chat with your crew or reach out to someone far away for a little help:)

Prinsu Roof Racks

I love these racks, they are lightweight and the fully adustable. Being able to adjust the crossbars make them super adaptable for whatever gear or load you may want to put up there. For the rack on my 4runner I removed a bar and adjusted a couple bars so that my solar panel has a space to sit flush with the top of the rack. It works very well!

PDW Logo Black Vertical v1.jpg
Prometheus Design Werx

These guys make some amazing clothing, overland duffles and bags and a nice variety of EDC (Every Day Carry) tools. Everything is very well designed, super robust AND much of it is manufactured here in the USA. I wear and use one or more of pieces of thier gear everyday.

Check them out, you won't be dissapointed!

Rhino Adventure Gear

Really enjoying the Batwing 270 awning I've installed on the Chuck Wagon (or should I say the cooks have;) It's super easy to deploy and retrieve and holds up to some serious desert winds!

Sea to Summit 2017 Logo_stacked_black_grey.jpg
Sea To Summit Camp Gear

If you do any type of camping from ultralight backpacking to a full out overland expedition I highly suggest you check out the camp gear from STS. I use a variety of their sleeping bags/ground pads to thier cooking/kitchen gear and it all is well designed, innovative and well built!

Shelta Sun Protection

Wow, do these folks know sun-protection! From ultralight gloves (I use when driving) to shirts, and thier main product hats, they have you litterally covered;) If I'm going to spend a day in the sun my Shelta is the first thing I think about!

Shiftpod - Advanced Shelter Systems

A shelter system built for disaster relief and used around the world and yet somehow it totally checks the "glamping" box too!

These shelters are amazing from the speed up set-up and take-down to weathering hurricane winds and snow they are the "bees knees"!

snomaster logo copy.png
SnoMaster Fridges

These fridges are awesome, I've been using the large expedition series fridges for about 5 years for trips with up to 18 guests and they just keep chugging along. The dual zone fridge is my favorite. Charcuterie and steaks on one side and ice cream and ice cubes for cocktails on the other side, even in the heat of Death Valley!

STEP22 track JPG.jpg
Step 22 Gear

I've seen this company grow from only making High Lift jack covers to now producing a large variety of overlanding soft gear, and each time they come out with a new product it's innovative, durable and safe!

Tepui Tents

Four Points Adventures started out litterally "under the awning" of the Tepui company as Tepui Adventures, a way to get thier clients out and playing with the tents. Many years later and I am still using some of the very same tents we started with! Though they are now Thule-Tepui, I know the product will stand the test of time and only get better!

TL Stacked Logo Black cutout.png
Tread Lightly Partner

Nope, not gear but I believe in these practices so much that I try to support them any time/place I can. Please Tread Lightly in all your pursuits, we have been a long time advocate of this practice (as well as Leave No Trace) and encourage you to try and mitigate the impact we all have on the great outdoors and it's flora and fauna. Thanks!

WARN Winch
WARN Logo.jpg

A trusted industry leader for getting your vehicle unstuck from those seemingly impossible situations, well built and easy to use with a huge variety of options. Always a good idea to have when you decide you want to go "off the beaten path".

YETI Coolers

A trusted industry leader in the ice chest arena, these are well built, keep ice and drinks cold for days and are designed sized when every inch counts!

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