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Corporate Clients:

CBI Offroad Fab.

Ford Motor Co.



Prometheus Design Werx
Tepui Tents

Triple Aught Design
Snow Peak

At Our Core

We are Explorers, Artists & Adventurers.

Our passion lies beyond the next mountain range. We work hard to provide a great adventure while also respecting the environments that we travel through so that we can continue to enjoy our remote destinations for years to come. We follow the Tread Lightly practices with a passion for preservation.

What We Bring To The Table

The Four Points Adventure crew has extensive experience in the outback in order to provide you with a safe and memorable adventure. The safety of our guests and the protection of the wilderness are our top priorities. We have scouted each route in all types of weather and have extensive knowledge of the terrain.

A list of our qualifications and equipment.

  • 25+ yrs 4x4 Experience

  • 10+ yrs Mtn. Rescue Exp.

  • Vehicle Recovery Systems

  • Winches and High Lift Jack

  • Professional Photography

  • First Aid Kits & Defibrillator

  • GMRS and Ham Radios

  • Flat repair kits and compressors

  • Emergency SOS and SAT Texting

  • Wilderness First Aid Training

Who We Are

Todd Rogers - Lead Guide/Owner

Todd has a lifetime of experience exploring the western deserts and coastal regions. From the young age of 4, Todd worked as a deck hand on his fathers sailboat traveling through Central America, The Caribbean, and South Pacific to Australia.

Todd's career as a professional photographer has fueled his desire for the outdoors. He is always on the lookout for that "perfect shot" in the vast landscapes he travels.

Todd is also a former member of the Contra Costa Sheriffs Mountain Search & Rescue Team (10+yrs) where he honed his medical and navigation skills and continues today with the Kittitas County Sheriffs Search and Rescue team.

We honestly couldn't have a better guide to map out our courses & lead us on our journeys.

Barron Flanders - Asst. Guide

Iraq War Veteran, Fireman/EMT and cook extraordinaire!

"I’ve always been into the outdoors, as a kid you couldn’t keep me inside.

While I was in the Army (Iraq and Afghanistan), I saw old Land Rover defenders on the base and it made me want to get one, so when I got back home I sold my car and bought a new Land Rover Discovery. That led me to joining a Land Rover club and that’s what got me into overlanding and enjoying the great outdoors to its fullest.
I believe I bring a lot to Four Points Adventures. I'm a good cook, I bring medical experience and I was a humvee driver in the Army, so I have some mechanical and even some "counter vehicle ambush training" but I don't think we'll need that last bit, Ha!"

MBG Canyon.jpg

Meredith Gerhardt - Asst. Guide

Mtn. Rescue Volunteer, Cartographer and Awesome Cook!

"I am a search and rescue volunteer and former peace corps volunteer with a love for the outdoors.  I don't need much to be comfortable, as long as there is coffee in the morning and a nice view.  I prefer open-air kitchens to polished granite countertops, and will take a two person tent over a five star hotel. I know that food tastes better when it is shared in good company and I never get lost (since I am naturally curious about all directions)."

MBG SAR_edited.jpg
MBG mountain.jpg

Robert Woolery - Chef and Asst. Guide

Robert is a classically trained chef with over 12 years experience and 27 years of adventuring. His love for the outdoors stemmed from growing up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and taking trips with his family to Yosemite. Robert's first memory of camping was reaching the summit of Half Dome on his dad's back at the age of 4. Since then he has expanded his interests to rock climbing, scuba diving, and mountain biking. His thirst for adventure and curiosity for what's next is also seen in his cooking style, where his motto is "you never know until you try". This has led to many inventive and new ways to create dishes and how to involve ingredients found during his adventures. He believes that sometimes great things come from risk and adventure, almost always a lesson is learned and knowledge is gained. Respect, enjoy, love, repeat, and always remember, STAY RAD

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