Lost Coast - 3 Day Adventure

Called the Lost Coast due to it's inaccessible nature, we'll explore the very rugged coast line and back roads while camping on it's beaches and hiking in the Jurassic Park-like forest. 

Spend 3 days and 2 nights taking in the sights of the rugged Lost Coast. We've seen elk, bobcats, sea otters and whales while exploring the beaches and forests of this wild area. We camp 2 nights by the beach and during the middle day we explore up the coast via 4x4 or you can stay and relax at the beach, your choice. 


All Inclusive option:

Professional 4x4 guidance, sleeping accommodations, breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks and dinner. Accommodations include safari style roof top tents with 2.5 inch firm foam mattress, camp chairs and all dining utensils.

For more than 4 couples or for those afraid of ladders we have large ground tents with cots.

Guide Only option:

Professional 4x4 guidance, training and safety while negotiating the back roads of the beautiful Lost Coast. You provide your own tent, camping gear and meals and we'll provide morning coffee and an evening fire.


Vehicle options:

  1. Drive your own 4x4 vehicle with 8 inches of minimum ground clearance from the lowest point under the vehicle, a low range transfer-case and a minimum of 31 inch "All Terrain" or "Mud Terrain" tires are required..

  2. Rent your own 4x4 vehicle (we have options for you).


You Provide:

Sleeping bag (15 - 30 degree rating), pillow, toiletries, camp clothes, a warm jacket for the evenings, sturdy shoes for hiking, a headlamp and a good community attitude.



All-Inclusive Adventures

May 25 - 27

July 13 - 15

Aug. 10 - 12

Sept. 7 - 9

4x4 Guide Only Adventures

June 8 - 10

Aug. 10 - 12

Nov. 2 - 4


All Inclusive package - Includes: Cook, camp, snacks, beverages, meals, guide and radios.

$850 per person. Minimum of 4 persons to initiate trip.

4x4 Guide Only - Includes: Guide, radios, morning coffee and evening fire.

$800 per vehicle. Minimum of 2 vehicles required to initiate trip.

3 Day
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