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Icons of the West Expedition - Mono Lake, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon

Once you sign up for the initial 3 days of Mono Lake then you can take it "one day at a time" and enjoy up to 10 days of an epic overland adventure. Only want to do 5 or 7 days, no problem because after Mono Lake you can "cut out" anytime you need to. You'll experience some of the most iconic sites the American West has to offer! We'll travel from the Tufas of Mono Lake all the way to the cliffsides of the Grand Canyon taking in the vastness of the high (and low) open deserts, drives through slot canyons, hikes to amazing views, and soak in some beautiful hot springs. The journey will include hotel stops in between locations to rejuvenate along the way. This is an epic overlanding adventure and training opportunity.  Sorry, but this one has been cancelled due to bigger and better adventures:)

We'll meet you in the town of Lee Vining, CA (next to Mono Lake) then spend 3 days exploring the area. After a little recoup in a hotel we'll then move down to Death Valley for 4 days, passing through the Eureka Dunes, Steel Pass and the famous race track playa. We then head East over to the Grand Canyon for 3 days, exploring some of the heights and depths of this "greatest of canyons" and open high deserts of the area. This will be a cumulative overland training, we'll start with the basics and finish with "all the toys out of the bag" including the winch lines!

This is a Guide Only expedition:

We'll provide professional 4x4 guidance, training, and safety while negotiating the "outback" of these locations. You provide your own tent, camping gear, and meals (we have camping equipment available for rent). In addition: we'll provide strong morning coffee (via french press) and a warm campfire to gather around each evening.

Vehicle options:

1. Drive your own 4x4 vehicle with 10 inches of minimum ground clearance, a low range transfer case, and a minimum of 31inch "All Terrain" or "Mud Terrain" tires are required.

2. Rent a 4x4 vehicle (we have options for you).


Oct. 15-24 (Cancelled)

5 Vehicle Limit


Mono Lake (3 days):

Oct. 15-17

$750 per vehicle plus driver

$400 per additional adult

$200 for children under 16yrs

(Hotel additional)

Add Death Valley (4 days):

Oct. 18-21

$200 per vehicle/driver per day

$100 per additional adult per day

$50 per child per day under 16yrs

(Hotel additional)

Add The Grand Canyon (3 days):

Oct. 22-24

$200 per vehicle/driver per day

$100 per additional adult per day

$50 per child per day under 16yrs

(Springs resort included!)

Package Discount for All 10 days:

$1800 per vehicle plus driver

$900 per additional adult

$500 per child under 16yrs old

To receive the discount you must pay in full, no refunds for days not used.

Minimum age for Children is 8yrs

3 to 10 Day

Call: 510.912.8618 or Email: to schedule your next adventure.

We accept Zelle, Venmo and Paypal - Please Contact us before purchasing

Once you have booked your adventure or training you will receive an email with a detailed itinerary, waiver and gear/vehicle check list.
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